How to Reverse Fatty Liver

So, your doctor has just told you that you have fatty liver disease. Sounds like a pretty bad diagnosis, right? Well, there is good news and bad news when it comes to fatty liver. First the bad news. If you do not take action to reverse your fatty liver condition immediately, it could lead to […]

Fatty Liver Diet

Eating to Prevent or Reverse Fatty Liver: The Ultimate Fatty Liver Diet     Fatty Liver is a reversible condition, but only with the right fatty liver diet. This fact alone is the first step in fixing this potentially life threatening disease. In a minute I’ll talk about a healthy fatty liver diet that you […]

Fatty Liver Disease Diet

There are two things to realize about Fatty Liver Disease: First, it is reversible. Second, if not treated it could lead to more serious liver problems like inflammation and cirrhosis, a potentially life threatening condition where liver failure is imminent. I’m very glad you’ve decided to research diet changes to help control your fatty liver. […]

Reducing Fatty Liver Pain

Stop Fatty Liver Pain Instantly Despite popular belief, the liver itself does not produce pain. However, the membrane around the liver can be stretched quite painfully. This is critical because patients will not know if the liver itself is damaged until it begins to inflame and swell. It is important to catch fatty liver and […]

Fatty Liver Treatment

Many people overlook the importance of treating fatty liver immediately. Because fatty liver is not immediately life threatening, they procrastinate making the changes in their lives that will correct the problem that cause liver damage in the first place. This is the wrong decision for one very important reason; it could mean death. Not to […]

Fatty Liver Symptoms

Unlike most diseases, Fatty Liver does not initially show very many symptoms. In fact, during early stages fatty liver disease is rarely caught by a doctor. Only during the later (sometimes irreversible) stages of liver damage does a patient begin to see signs of liver damage. Even more frightening is the fact that it is […]